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Shisako - the history

Is a love historie,pain and death.
Shisako is a teenager who lost her girlfriend Yukiko in a car accident.
She is fall in love to Yukiko,for that she perpetrate suicide.
She must to recuperate some stone that was stolen from kingdom's darkness .... 
Is a love storie,aventure,fantasy and action,too.
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the manga- comic of Shisako

Manga - Comic
Shisako is a manga (comics)in black and white,
not edit,yet.
I'm the Shisako's author, Andrea Grecco,but sometime 
I use Saori Sukishiro's name.
Is a historie of aventure,action,love and death.
(if dou you know more,go to the historie link).
if some day it publish, I promese to you,it really like
If you are interested in Shisako manga or do you want
to know more about it,contact to me to:
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